Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Dollhouse: The Sewing Room

The sewing room in my dollhouse is located in the attic area. It is equipped with two sewing stations, each with a treadle sewing machine. There are bolts of fabric, tiny sewing accessories such as spools of thread, scissors, pin cushions, and other little treasures. There is also a spinning wheel that came with the house when I purchased it. It's not quite perfect, but I'm using it until I get a higher quality one on Ebay.

My Dollhouse: The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. Every drawer has little miniature treasures inside. There is all sorts of wonderful kitchen items varying from a whisk, spatterwear, jars, baskets, fruits, vegetables, utensils, baking pans for cookies, muffins and pies, and much more! I love having the room jam packed with miniatures!

My Dollhouse: The Bedroom

Here are some pictures of the bedroom in my dollhouse. It is no where from being completed. The light-colored furniture as well as the bed came with the house when I purchased it. I still need to add many items to this room such as wall art, mirrors, clothing, and normal bedroom acoutrements.

My Dollhouse: The Parlor

So these are some pictures of the living room or parlor in my dollhouse. As you can see, the furniture is the cheap wood kind. It is shiny and not of a high quality. I've had the furniture ever since I was little and I am using them now as filler until I am able to acquire fine dollhouse furniture. Most of the accessories in the room are newly acquired since I have been collecting dollhouse miniatures. The pillows are made by a woman on Ebay. I ordered many of them because they are so cute!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hobby Room: Seattle Miniature Show, Sept. 2008

This is my favorite roombox exhibited at the Seattle Miniature Show in Sept. 2008. It literally was a hobby room, and was full of wonderful and extremely high quality miniatures. It has an entire sewing and rafting side of the room and is full of patterns, knitting, works-in-progress, and button cards. There is a painting station, and a tool area will tiny miniature tools. Also, there are tiny little miniature dollhouse furniture as well as tiny roomboxes in the roombox. Look as close as you can to see all the little treasures.

Garden Patio: Seattle Miniature Show, Sept. 2008

The Sewing Nook by Julia Sudol: Seattle Miniature Show, Sept. 2008