Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Miniature Hobby

Hello! I created this blog to share my hobby and love for dollhouse miniatures. I have loved miniatures from a very early age. When I was young, my mom let me play with her own little dollhouse miniatures. She had a set of dollhouse dolls and beautiful, old, wood dollhouse furniture. I always liked to decorate "rooms" (I never had a dollhouse) and switch the furniture around.

I just re-started collecting dollhouse miniatures and am very happy with it! I recently acquired a nice victorian dollhouse. I have been furnishing it's rooms as my first miniature project. Ebay has been a great source for my miniature searching. I found many of my miniatures through Ebay. I also really like Jean Nisbett's "Big Book of Dollhouse." It is great for the beginner.

I am currently working on the victorian house I mentioned above, but there are many other projects I have already been brainstorming. I would absolutely love to make a historically accurate Tudor dollhouse. I want to make it set during the mid-1500s and make everything as accurate as possible.

If you are a miniaturist or miniature enthusiast yourself, please comment my blog and if you have your own, please leave the url. It would be great to talk to other hobbyists!

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